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Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS) SNOMED request form

Before you start

This form is to specifically request new ECDS SNOMED codes or request an amend to existing ECDS SNOMED codes.

Do not use this form to submit general ECDS queries and any non-code related queries.  General queries should be emailed to

Before submitting any requests using the form

Please read the following

  • if you are submitting a suggestion for a new diagnosis, please review the list of diagnosis terms available in the ECDS support and guidance to check if a code already exists.
  • you can also access historic requests through the ECDS query log. Before you submit a request, please use this tool to establish if a similar query has been previously received and reviewed.
  • if there is a generic code which already covers the diagnosis you may want to use this higher level code before submitting a detailed diagnosis description.
  • requests will be logged and then reviewed by the ECDS Technical Committee, who meet quarterly. The Technical Committee will decide whether to include or decline the request

Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS) SNOMED request form

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Please include as much detail as you can, including the diagnosis, any existing or related codes and descriptions.