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ECDS guidance

We have provided some user guidance about technical implementation and for clinical and admin staff. The Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS) is the national data set for urgent and emergency care. It replaced Accident & Emergency Commissioning Data Set (CDS type 010) and was implemented through: ECDS (CDS 6.2.2 Type 011). 

ECDS user guidance

ECDS v3.0

Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS) v3.0 is ready, you are now able to view the uplifted ECDS Information Standard, including the approved version of the Technical Output Specification V3.0  and a BETA version of the updated ECDS User Guide

 Learn more about the guidance and the forthcoming webinar

The ECDS design principles are intended to help users understand the decisions that were taken when designing the data set. This includes what should and shouldn't be included in the list for chief complaint and diagnoses.

Providers are also supported by the formal Information Standards Notice (ISN) which contains details of the implementation timescale and definitions of the Accident and Emergency Department types.  

Implementation timescales

Type 1 and Type 2 are required to submit data daily from April 2018.

Type 3 and Type 4 are required to submit data daily from October 2018.

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ECDS technical guidance 

Access to the SNOMED CT subsets is available through the TRUD.

The ECDS technical user guidance provides technical information about ECDS implementation for provider information and informatics staff, commissioners and system suppliers.

An ECDS frequently asked question document summarises questions raised by some providers and their IT system suppliers during their ECDS implementation and is intended to help those for whom implementation is still to be completed.

A key findings and lessons learned document  from the ECDS pilot is aimed mainly at those working to implement ECDS and summarises useful information from the Leeds Teaching Hospitals pilot.

ECDS guidance for clinical and administration staff during implementation

ECDS guidance documents for clinical and administration staff

These documents were last updated on 29 September 2017.

Case studies for those yet to implement ECDS

Case studies show how some providers have approached ECDS implementation and may help those still to do so. 

Read more about how other organisations have approached and implemented ECDS.


This form is to specifically request new ECDS SNOMED codes or request an amend to existing ECDS SNOMED codes.

Please do not use this form to submit general ECDS queries and any non-code related queries.  General queries should be emailed to

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The Emergency Care Data Set is the national data set for urgent and emergency care.

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