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ECDS feedback and how you can help

The content of Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS) will continue to develop and there are two scheduled updates (April and October) per year.

There is a ratification process to follow so submissions need to be in place by 31st August for inclusion the following April and by 28th February for October inclusion. 

Your feedback and input into the ongoing development of ECDS is welcome. Please complete our ECDS feedback form if you have a suggestion on how we can improve specific data items or if you would like to give general feedback about ECDS. 

There are also ECDS guides and references to support your organisation implement ECDS including, you may find your query can be resolved through the information provided on these pages.

Further information

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    Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS)

    The Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS) is the national data set for urgent and emergency care. It replaced Accident & Emergency Commissioning Data Set (CDS type 010) and was implemented through: ECDS (CDS 6.2.2 Type 011)

Last edited: 20 April 2020 8:55 am