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Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS)

The Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS) is a secure data collection system used by health and social care organisations to submit data.

How to access the SDCS

To access SDCS you must have a valid single sign-on account (SSO) account and the appropriate permissions; which are assigned and managed by NHS Digital. To request access to SDCS to submit data, please contact the enquiries team and provide them with your:

  • forename
  • surname
  • email Address
  • telephone number
  • organisation name
  • organisation code (ODS code)
  • name of data collection(s) you wish to submit data for

Further information to help you access SDCS

The maximum number of registered data submitters per data collection, per organisation is 2. For some collections, the limit may be different due to collection specific requirements.

To access SDCS, you must have a valid SSO account. These accounts can only be registered to an individual's work email address (for example, or We will not accept generic, team or shared email addresses or personal private email addresses (for example,

To participate in any SDCS data collection, your organisation will require an ODS Code. You can check if your organisation already has an ODS code on the ODS website. If your organisation does not have an ODS code, you will need to email to request an ‘ODS Code Request Form’.

Once access has been granted, you will receive an automated confirmation email. You will also need to register your SSO if you do not already have one. Register your SSO account.

Links to SDCS

The link to access SDCS is:

Some data collections have a different URL, that is unique to that data collection. They are:

Visit our list of data collections to find out more about the data collections that we manage.

SDCS Guidance

How to get further help

If you have any questions, please email the enquires team:

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