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Part of National Obesity Audit guidance

Community Services Data Set

Current Chapter

Current chapter – Community Services Data Set

Submitting to the Community Services Data Set

The Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS) Cloud is the submission tool for the Community Services Data Set (CSDS). Learn more about submitting data to CSDS.

Before you can submit data to CSDS you will need to:

  1. Find or register your Organisation Data Service code
  2. Find or register your information governance lead
  3. Register to submit data to SDCS Cloud using a Data User Certificate (DUC) form
  4. Set up 2-factor authentication and log in to SDCS Cloud

A detailed description of the process for registering to submit data to CSDS can be found in the CSDS guidance.

If you do not find the support you need within the guidance provided, contact the National Service Desk on 0300 3035035 or email [email protected]

Data items

NOA will collect data that makes it possible to answer the audit questions, including information on demographics, comorbidities, access to and outcomes from services. 

Technical guidance including the data items required for submission has been published. We are holding technical webinars from March 2022 to run through the data items required and how to submit them. For full details of the webinars and to book onto them contact [email protected].

Read about what data to submit to CSDS. Bespoke guidance for NOA will be published in due course.

CSDS v1.5 and v1.6

Some small changes are being made to the existing CSDS v1.5 to allow weight management services to be explicitly identified in CSDS v1.6. These changes are covered in the v1.5 guidance and available in full on the CSDS v1.6.

The Information Standards Notice (ISN) and guidance has been published on the CSDS v1.6  and on the DAPB. This will give providers the information they require for implementation. CSDS v1.6 is due to be implemented from July 2022.

General queries can be sent by email to [email protected] . 

Submission schedule

Monthly weight management service data for April 2022 onwards can be submitted to CSDS.

A submission schedule is available.

For example: 

  • the primary window for April 2022 data is 27 April to 24 May 
  • the refresh window for April 2022 data is 25 May to 16 June
  • no further April 2022 data can be submitted after 16 June 

Historical data

Historical data cannot be submitted for CSDS. Only weight management service data for April 2022 onwards can be submitted to CSDS. 

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