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Part of National Obesity Audit guidance

Tier 2 behavioural weight management services

Current Chapter

Current chapter – Tier 2 behavioural weight management services


All NHS or Local Authority commissioned Tier 2 weight management services (adults, children’s or pregnancy-related) are in scope of the National Obesity Audit (NOA).

Submitting to Office for Health Improvement and Disparities

Services funded by the adult weight management services grant 2021 to 2022 (No 31/5440) will continue to submit to the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID) via the minimum data set (MDS). 

Local authorities with grant extensions will continue to submit to OHID through the grant extension period. Final submissions to be made by the end of July 2022. 

Data for the 26-week follow up time point should also be submitted to OHID via the MDS for services funded under the 2021 to 2022 grant.

Services funded by the children’s weight management service grant will continue to submit to OHID. This may change in the future.

Submitting to Community Services Data Set

Services funded by new monies will submit to the Community Services Data Set (CSDS) from April 2022. 

Data sharing agreements are not required to submit to CSDS. All staff needing to submit to CSDS must register. Read about registering and submitting to CSDS.

New services do not need to submit nil returns before services begin to be delivered.

Submitting on behalf of another organisation

To submit to CSDS on behalf of another local authority, the organisation’s Caldicott Guardian must sign off the user’s Data User Certificate (DUC). Read more about registering and submitting to CSDS

Data items

The data set will be very similar to the current minimum data set (MDS) submitted to OHID. NOA will collect data that makes it possible to answer the audit questions, including information on demographics, comorbidities, access to and outcomes from services. 

Technical guidance including the data items required for submission has been published. We are holding technical webinars from March 2022 to run through the data items required and how to submit them. For full details of the webinars and to book onto them contact [email protected].

The transition from the MDS to CSDS is happening in line with the launch of NOA so that this data can be combined with other data to look at all outcomes across the whole of the service.

Extended brief interventions in SNOMED

A new SNOMED code will be introduced. All registered providers will be informed.

Contractual requirements

Any provider of publicly funded community services must comply with the requirement to submit data to the CSDS regarding the services they deliver.

Data collection and national data submission may be a condition of future adult weight management grants. 

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