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Records and document management policy

Current Chapter

Records and document management policy


This policy sets out NHS Digital’s commitment to achieving high standards in records and document management in order to meet its strategic objectives, legislative and regulatory obligations and to adhere to best practice standards. The implementation of the intentions of this policy will be supported through the delivery of a portfolio of guidance and procedure documents.

NHS Digital creates, receives and manages a wealth of information in a variety of formats. Effective records and document management will help ensure that the correct, accurate and up to date information is easily available to the right person, at point of need and in a timely manner. This policy therefore underpins effective decision making, good governance, transparency and accountability in the management of NHS Digital’s business and services.

Records and document management is concerned with the systematic and consistent control and management of records and the information they contain. The term ‘records and document management’ for the purposes of this policy should be read as a broad collective term that concerns the management of all information in the form of records, documents, information, data and e-mails. 

Last edited: 23 November 2021 11:38 am