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Current Chapter

Current chapter – Dissemination/sharing

Regular dissemination/sharing

Regular dissemination of data obtained by complying with these Directions will be restricted to NHSE and NHSI, therefore, NHS Digital has been directed not to exercise its powers under section 261(1) and 261(4) of the 2012 Act other than to disseminate information to NHSE and NHSI where it would be lawful for NHS Digital to do so. The information that will be disseminated to NHSE and NHSI will be anonymised in line with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Anonymisation Code of Practice.

NHSE and NHSI require record level data and certain potential identifiers (for example: year of birth, gender, ethnicity, and indices of deprivation) in order to perform their analysis. However, all key patient identifiers will be removed (e.g. postcode, date of birth and NHS number) and data will be disseminated in the least identifiable form where possible (for example year of birth will be used instead of date of birth).

Data Access Request Service (DARS)

Requests from NHSE and NHSI for information obtained by complying with the Directions will be via successful application to DARS supported by appropriate data sharing agreements and with oversight from IGARD where appropriate.

National data opt-outs will be applied to dissemination of PHSMI data by NHS Digital that are in scope of the national data opt-out operational policy guidance.

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