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Guidance and technical resources for suppliers and end users

We have provided guidance and technical resources for suppliers and end users to support SMSP API consuming applications and guidance for suppliers and end users who want to access to the Personal Demographics Service (PDS) via the Spine Mini Service Provider (SMSP).

The application is only available for PDS data. 

This information is broken down into a number of sections.  


We have provided a diagram to show a high level summary of the stages you will need to take. 

We have also provided a diagram which shows the high level summary of the application stages.  

diagram showing the number of stages involved in applying for access to the spine mini service provider for personal demographic services.

Stage 1

Stage 2

  • Access to Personal Demographic Service 
  • Describes the NHS Digital scrutiny process that establishes if the purpose for which the data is required represents a legal basis for NHS Digital sharing that data with the organisation
  • Covers the completion of Phase 1a of the TOM (Usage and Settings approval). 

Stage 3

Stage 4

  • Test and assurance
  • Requirements and resources to complete local and integration testing and submit evidence to NHS Digital
  • Covers the completion of Phase 1b (Technical Conformance approval) and Phase 2 (End User Organisation approval) of the TOM. 

Stage 5

  • Agreements
  • Approvals checklists, the Connection Agreement, End User Organisation Policy and Special Terms. 

Stage 6

Deployment and Service Management

Endpoint registration and live deployment procedures plus an overview of live service management

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