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PDS Access Request Form

Guidance on how to obtain PDS Information Asset Owner (IAO) approval to access PDS


The PDS Access Request Form is used by a consumer supplier to detail what the access to PDS will be used for.

The PDS Access Approval process assesses the risks of the proposed data access and use based on information that must be supplied by the consumer supplier and by, or on behalf of the End User Organisation (EUO).

There are five sections to complete and there is a requirement to detail the setting in which SMSP-PDS will be used and how it connects together.

Guidance on creating context diagrams is included which will need to be embedded into the document.

Next steps

Once the PDS Access Request Form has been completed, it should be emailed to

Once the form has been accepted, PDS Information Asset Owner (IAO) approval will be provided. The next stage is to move onto completing the Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL).

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