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Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL)

Connecting to PDS via SMSP relies on Suppliers and End Users completing the NHS Digital self-certification tool, known as the Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL)


The Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL) is a technical document which details the consumer supplier approach to information governance, clinical safety, functional testing and SMSP-PDS requirements.

This document will be provided to you once NHS Digital have assured the consumer supplier product as compliant with the SMSP-PDS specification for the relevant capabilities.

Further details on the two tabs that need to be completed in the SCAL are listed below.

Supplier and product information tab

In this section, the consumer supplier completes the information regarding their organisation and product, along with questions pertaining to information security and clinical safety.

If the consumer supplier has not worked with NHS Digital before, there is also a requirement for them to register to use the NHS Digital national service desk to log incidents.


This section has questions specific to SMSP-PDS which the consumer supplier must complete.

The PDS access request form that has already been submitted and approved for PDS IAO approval must be embedded into the SCAL as it will not be accepted without this first.

The questions relate to declarations that the consumer supplier must or should be adhering to. If a declaration cannot be agreed to, the detail as to why needs to be entered and the form returned by emailing  [email protected]

Next steps

Once the document has been completed, it should be submitted by emailing [email protected] who will review as part of the Stage 4: test and assurance process.

Once a technical conformance certificate has been issued, you will move onto Stage 5: agreements

Further information

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