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Stage 5: agreements

Guidance provided on the portal is not a substitute for reading and understanding the connection agreement, end user organisation policy and the documents referred to in each of the connection agreement and/or end user organisation policy and which are set out on this portal.

The terms and conditions of use of the SMSP-PDS Service are fully described in the Connection Agreement (supplier) and the End User Organisation Terms (end user organisation) and summarised below.

The connection agreement expressly reserves the possibility for supplemental terms and conditions to be added for each service in the form of Special Terms. Special Terms for the NHS Digital Services you are integrating with, will be referenced in your Connection Agreement.

Connection agreement

A Connection Agreement will be issued to the Supplier on completion of the PDS IAO approval and technical conformance steps. This must be signed and returned to NHS Digital to allow Deployment to occur.

End user organisation policy

The End User Organisation Acceptable Use Policy details the responsibilities and obligations on the receiving or commissioning organisation that will implement a Supplier’s product, system or interface for use in direct care.


Examples of the Connection Agreement and End User Organisation Acceptable Use Policy are available on the Operations page.

Further information

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