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New code requests

Access to forms, including abeyance and dispersal, consultant template and the ODS organisation contact form (OC1).

AD1 abeyance and dispersal

Apply for a new code (only abeyance and dispersal) or an amendment of an existing code.


OC1 registration

Register a new organisation contact (OC1), or amend details of an existing contact. This form must be submitted by the current OC1.

If the code request relates to the vaccination programme, the OC1 form is not required.


Find out more about OC1s

We recommend a maximum of 3 OC1s per organisation. In exceptional circumstances we will consider a maximum of 5.  

As an OC1, we want you to:

  • act as an authority to keep us updated with any changes to your organisation's name, address and contact details
  • keep us updated when locations are no longer needed, or you do not need activity recorded (where we manage sites for your organisation)
  • understand the impact of requesting new sites and the systems where they will be visible
  • understand the impact of requesting a site closure and the impact to systems and services that consume our data
  • ensure there is always a nominated organisation contact (OC1) within your organisation to act in this capacity for us

We will:

  • provide organisation and site codes which support your organisation and enable a variety of NHS systems to link additional information to these codes
  • ensure your name appears correctly in NHSmail
  • enable Information Governance assessment submission
  • enable the recording of activity on Commissioning Data Set returns
  • enable you to view your sites on our ODS portal or request a spreadsheet from our support team

Requesting changes

To request changes including new codes, use the form above.

It's important to notify us of any changes and we will send direct requests from colleagues to you for authorisation.

We will not issue codes for wards or services, but we will issue codes for distinct treatment locations, which can be uniquely identified by name and postcode.

An exception are codes supporting electronic prescriptions (ePACT) for trusts only - these codes are identifiable and excluded from the Care Identity Service (CIS) and the Spine Directory Service (SDS).

The letter Z is reserved and unavailable to use within a site code.

Organisation code request

This form is used to request an Organisation Code. The form must be completed by the organisation requiring the code, not a third party.

If you are an optician and you require a new site code or a change to existing details, please contact the NHS England Regional Lead. If you do not know who this is, please contact the Exeter Helpdesk:


Optical code request

This form is to request or amend an Optical site code. The form must be completed by the NHS England Regional Lead.


PCN ODS Change Instruction Notice

Use this form to request a code for a new PCN, make changes to existing PCN or close existing PCN codes.


Safe Haven

Apply or amend Safe Haven details.


SDS consultant template request

Request that a consultant code is loaded onto the SDS.


Site request

Apply for site codes for the following organisations types (you must already have an organisation code): NHS trust, care trust, CCG, ISHP and ePact codes (trust only), GUMCAD online. Amend or close any code type (issued by ODS).


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