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National Clinical Content Repository (Copyright Licensing Service)

The National Clinical Content Repository (NCCR) is a service operated by the NHS Digital Copyright Licensing Service. Find out how to register and gain easy access to copyrighted clinical assessment tools and outcome measures.

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How to complete a content request.

The National Clinical Content Repository (NCCR) is a service operated by the NHS Digital Copyright Licensing Service. It provides easy access to certain copyrighted clinical assessment tools and outcome measures for use within health and social care.

Our aim is to reduce the cost and burden of seeking copyright permissions whilst ensuring that organisations comply with the latest laws.

How to register with the Copyright Licensing Service

Organisations involved in delivering and improving health and social care can apply to us for licences. This includes suppliers who provide services or software.

If you're unsure if your organisation qualifies for licences from us please email

Before you can apply for any licences you must first register your organisation with the NHS Digital Copyright Licensing Service.

To register, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Read and fully understand the Sub-Licence General Terms Agreement. These are the legal conditions that you will be accepting.
  2. Complete page 1 of the form, making sure you read the definitions of applicant type on page 2 (section C) carefully. These definitions are specific to this registration process and are not the usual NHS definitions.
  3. Make sure the Applicant is someone senior enough in your organisation to enter into a binding legal agreement with NHS Digital (usually director-level or head of service, for example). Additional users can be registered later.
  4. The form must contain the Applicant’s own email address and not that of an assistant or deputy.
  5. Obtain the Applicant's signature in wet ink in the Licensee section on page 8.
  6. Scan and email the completed form to with the subject 'New Registration Request' and the name of your organisation.
  7. Please ensure that all 8 pages of the form are returned to us.
  8. The form must be emailed from the Applicant’s mailbox – the legal agreement must be communicated directly with the Applicant.
  9. If you are unable to email it, please post it to: NHS Digital Copyright Licensing Service, c/o Commercial Support, 1st Floor, 1 Trevelyan Square, Boar Lane, Leeds, LS1 6AE.
  10. If you choose to post the form please also email us to let us know to expect it.

Posting the form can lead to a significant delay, so email is preferred.

Please note: the £1 fee mentioned in the documentation is a nominal fee and no payment is expected.

After you send the form:

  • an authorised signatory from NHS Digital will sign and date the agreement to make it binding
  • a scanned copy will be sent for your records within 10 working days
  • we will send your organisation's unique Licensing Service ID - you must keep this safe as it's needed to request specific licences for the tools and measures
  • we will ask you for details of who you wish to request licences for within your organisation (meaning - approved users)

Registrations can be refused or delayed if you do not follow the instructions above carefully.

How to request tools and measures

After registering with the Copyright Licensing Service any approved users can apply for licences by completing a Content Request form.

Your organisation's unique Licensing Service ID, supplied when registering with us, will be required.

Your organisation must adhere to the legal terms of the agreements, together with any specific conditions that the copyright owner has requested.

These will be sent to you when you request the licences and must be read thoroughly. They do not need to be signed and returned.

Your application for licences for individual tools may be refused and we will always tell you why. If this happens we will help you contact the copyright owner directly.

Enquiries or questions

If you have any questions or need any help please address them directly to

We are unable to provide a telephone enquiry service but emails are processed as quickly as possible.

Due to the nature of the service we must have a detailed audit trail of all communications available at all times so we rely on email.

Important notes

Whether you obtain content through the Copyright Licensing Service or an alternative route, you are responsible for ensuring that you act in accordance with the law at all times. You must satisfy yourself on the legality surrounding your intended use of any content (for example, by contacting the copyright owner directly, conducting investigations or taking independent legal advice).

It's your responsibility to continually assess the applicability of, and then comply with, all relevant laws, regulations and good industry practice relating to the content or its use, including but not limited to all applicable laws, regulations and good industry practice in relation to medical devices and data protection.

Further information on medical devices can be found on the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency website, and in relation to software as a medical device in particular the Medical Device Regulation page on GOV.UK.

Further information on data protection issues can be found on the Information Commissioner's website.

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