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Message Exchange for Social Care and Health: mailbox request form

NHS organisations, IT specialists, adult social care teams and individuals can use this form to request a MESH mailbox.

Before you begin

To complete this form you will need to know:

  1. Whether you require a MESH mailbox for the Live Environment or Testing (Path to Live) Environment.
  2. The workflow IDs required for this new mailbox. This is a key requirement and completion of this section of the form is frequently completed with insufficient detail to allow the request to be processed. This often results in further requests for information from the user and delays creation of new mailboxes. We recommend you read the guidance on Workflow Groups and Workflow IDs before completing this form.
  3. The organisation name of the mailbox owner. If the workflows that you require do not currently exist please raise a request for a new workflow before submitting this form.
  4. The organisation data service (ODS) code for the mailbox owner.
  5. The ODS code of the third party organisation if managing the mailbox on your behalf (if applicable).
  6. The contact details (name, email and phone number) of a nominated representative within your organisation who will be the administrator (NHS Digital contact) for the mailbox.
  7. The contact details (name, email and phone number) for any third-parties managing the mailbox on your behalf (if applicable).
  8. The Workflow IDs (business flow/type of data) associated with the messages/files you are transferring.
  9. The approximate file size of the data you'll be sending.

An ODS code is required for a MESH mailbox. Please do not continue completing this form without providing an ODS code. The ODS are responsible for publishing codes that identify organisations and individuals across health and social care. If you do not know your ODS code, do not currently have an ODS code or need more information about ODS codes, visit the ODS web pages. The ODS portal can be used to search for your ODS code and the website contains information on how to request a code.

Complete all required fields.

The form will be sent to our national service desk for processing.

GP practice staff and health informatics providers should contact their clinical system supplier. These mailboxes are usually managed by the clinical system suppliers so please check with them in the first instance before completing and submitting this form.

Please do not send any medical information via this form.

Please submit this form to request a new MESH mailbox from the MESH service team.

Form submitted successfully

Thank you for submitting your Message Exchange for Social Care and Health (MESH) mailbox request form. We will review the information submitted and contact you within 10 days with your mailbox information.

Your organisation and contact information
Please describe the nature of your organisation.
For the mailbox owning organisation
Mailbox administrator/NHS Digital contact. This person will be responsible for requesting user access for this mailbox (if a MESH UI mailbox) and any other changes to the mailbox, such as amendments to the workflow IDs associated with the mailbox. This may be you, or the person on whose behalf you are completing this form.
Will a system supplier or third-party organisation be managing and maintaining this mailbox on behalf of the organisation using the mailbox?
The name of the nominated contact in this organisation
MESH mailbox type

Before applying for a Live MESH API mailbox you must navigate the API onboarding process. A link to the process is found below this form.

Your data usage
Please refer to the Workflow Group/Workflow ID guidance which includes details about the current workflow IDs available

If you know the workflow Group/ID you require for this mailbox please provide these details here.

If you do not know the workflow ID required for your mailbox, or you believe a new workflow ID is required please detail this information in the above field. It is insufficient to write “Transfer of research data from our organisation to research projects” or “letters detailing patient's progress through the services we deliver”. You must describe the business flow for the files/messages, such as (i) file transfer FROM your organisation TO another organisation, (ii) RECEIPT of a file sent from a different organisation, or (iii) RECEIPT of a file from another organisation and ability to RETURN this (updated) file to the originator.
Type the mailbox ID of a current mailbox that sends and receives similar data, if you know it (for example, if you are requesting a clone of an existing mailbox).
Select the approximate size of the files you are wishing to send.
If you're requesting a mailbox for a Path to Live environment, please create a CSR (certificate sign request) and paste into this box.
Please type in the FQDN for the CSR request above.
Statement on patient identifiable data

Please confirm that you have read the statement on patient identifiable data (above) and understand that all use of this service must be in line with your legal responsibilities when handling such data.

Fields marked with an asterisk * must be completed