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ITK Conformance

To achieve Conformance with the ITK requirements, a vendor must demonstrate the technical conformance of their product by submitting evidence to NHS Digital for review.

This is achieved using the ITK Toolkit Workbench test tool, along with completion of the Supplier Certified Requirements Coverage spreadsheet, and by providing supporting evidence. All successful conformant products are listed within the ITK Conformance Catalogue.

Follow the steps below to determine if your product is suitable for ITK Conformance and if you want to work towards the conformance certificate. If, at any point, you need further help or guidance please contact the ITK Conformance Team at [email protected].

1. View the ITK Overview Screencast

View the screencast ITK Overview 2015, this is a starter overview of the publicly available NHS Digital ITK specifications and (open) supporting material, to aid understanding and implementation of the ITK specifications.

2. Download the NHS Interoperability Toolkit specifications

Register to TRUD to obtain the ITK 2.1 specifications.

Download the ITK Core and ITK Architecture packs as a minimum, these are included in the Interoperability Toolkit Downloads. These two packs provide the foundation requirements and background for all ITK implementations.

For ITK 2.2 you will need the latest release of the Architecture Specification and Core Specification available from the Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) Release 2.2 page. Currently the only DMS supported by ITK 2.2 is Transfer of Care.

3.  Identify the accreditation configuration to be implemented

The ITK Architecture Pack contains the ITK Accreditation Configurations document which will help you select the system type which best fits your system. This will then define the requirements that are in scope for your system.

ITK architecture documentation set - ITK accreditation configurations

4. Identify the messages that you will send or receive

Identify the message bundles to be implemented by reviewing the Toolkit Service Listing Spreadsheet. Once you have determined the relevant message bundles, download the appropriate message specifications from the TRUD website as mentioned in Step 2.

For example, if after reviewing the Service Listing Spreadsheet you have determined that the Non-Coded CDA document is the service you will be implementing support for, download the Non-Coded CDA Message Domain Message Specification from TRUD. It contains the details of message definitions and interactions required to support the roll-out of Non-coded CDA Document.

5. Identify the Transport(s) to be implemented

Identify the Transport to be implemented by reviewing the ITK Architecture Documentation downloaded in Step 2. There are a set of ITK Transport documents detailing the requirements for each ITK supported Transport, review these documents and select the appropriate Transport(s) to be implemented.

ITK architecture documentation set - ITK transport specifications

6. Development stage

To help with development there are several examples of code provided for reference, these can be downloaded from NHS Interoperability Framework in the Downloads and Data page. In addition testing tools are provided together with a series of screencasts and these are available on the ITK Testbench page.

7. Evidence submission

The Supplier Certified Requirements Coverage spreadsheet forms the central hub of conformance submissions. This provides you with a list of in-scope requirements and test cases that your implementation has to meet to gain conformance.

By following the instructions provided in the spreadsheet you will record the system type, ITK message Bundle(s) and the Transport (all established in earlier steps) and filtering the spreadsheet. You must make a statement against each in-scope requirement, providing either a link to physical evidence or a self-certified statement which should all form part of the submission to the ITK Conformance Team.

All ITK conformance submissions are managed on a "first come first served" basis. On receipt of a submission the ITK Conformance Team will review and provide feedback. If further evidence or expansion of statements is required this will be processed in an iterative way until completion.

8. Conformance certificate

When all evidence and statements have been completed and accepted by the ITK Conformance Team, you will be issued with an ITK Conformance Certificate and listed on the ITK Conformance Catalogue. If requested the final Supplier Certified Requirements Coverage spreadsheet will be made available to potential purchasing NHS trusts.

ITK conformance artefacts

ITK Conformance pack - a zip file containing a spreadsheet which is used to record supplier self-certified statements and evidence mapped against each requirement and also details test cases linked to requirements. It forms the central artefact for all conformance submissions. To use the pack, copy the contents to a local drive, the Requirements Spreadsheet Pack folder contains useful documents which are included as links within the spreadsheet.

Toolkit Service listing - this spreadsheet contains a full list of the ITK service listing. Each spreadsheet tab corresponds to an ITK requirements pack, as found on TRUD

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