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Conformance Catalogue

The Solution Assurance Conformance Catalogue is a way to identify all vendors and products that have been awarded ITK Standard Conformance Certificates and Solution Assurance Conformance Certificates.

Certificates are awarded following successful submission of test results and supporting evidence.

The catalogue provides a full list of all systems that conform to standards in alphabetical order of vendor, detailing the message bundles that a given product supports.

Message bundles are created by collecting together all message interaction specifications to achieve a specific task, such as sending correspondence in the form of a basic document transmission. 

Client applications are systems that create messages to send to another system, such as a trust Electronic Patient Record system sending a discharge summary.

Host applications are provider systems that receive messages to initiate a further activity, such as a GP system receiving a discharge summary.

If you have developed a system for use within NHS England and would like to see your product listed on this catalogue, you will need to gain Solution Assurance conformance.

Solution Assurance Conformance Catalogue Download

This page provides a summary of the catalogue.

For further guidance about which Solution Assurance conformant product(s) are compatible for use with other Solution Assurance conformant product(s), please contact the ITK Conformance Team.

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