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The Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) conformance process is designed to be straightforward, focusing on demonstrating conformance to relevant technical specifications and standards.

To achieve conformance, you need to show that your product meets with the ITK interface requirements by submitting supporting evidence, along with the completed Certification of Compliance to ITK requirements spreadsheets

If the product has an existing Spine compliance certificate, we need written confirmation that the changes made for ITK don't impact the Spine. If there's an impact, you'll be asked to follow the existing compliance process; an ITK extension has been added.

If the product you're developing is for a Spine Mini Service Provider (SMSP) Host, connecting directly to the Spine and PDS, the solution must also be assured through the appropriate assurance process.

Successful vendors are eligible for inclusion in the ITK conformant solutions catalogue, where vendor and system interface details are published.

Download a guide to ITK and the conformance process.

Getting started

ITK is a national standard defining requirements and rules for the creation and transport of electronic information (data). It's not an application or a piece of software. Your interest will be determined by whether you wish to choose a conformant system for use, or if you are developing a new system.

NHS health/social care providers looking to acquire an ITK conformant system can use the catalogue to help select an appropriate system.

If you are developing a system to be used by an NHS Health/Social Care Provider you will need to gain ITK conformance for the data transfer.

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