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EPS: Guidance for developers

We've published a range of developer guides and materials for the Electronic Prescription Service, including information on apps, identifiers, APIs and service integration.

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Electronic Prescription Service - FHIR API

Access the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) - the national service used to send electronic prescriptions from GP surgeries to pharmacies.

Electronic Prescription Service - HL7 V3 API

Access the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) to send prescriptions from prescribers such as GPs to dispensers such as pharmacies using our HL7 V3 API.

Electronic Prescription Service identifiers and what they mean

Prescribing and dispensing systems send and receive Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) messages via the central NHS Spine. Prescription information is linked with a patient's NHS Number, but also various unique identifiers linking the prescription with electronic dispensing and endorsement messages. These are received by the NHS BSA for prescription reimbursement processes.

Electronic Prescription Service overview for developers

Find Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) guidance for developers, including information on application architecture, external interfaces, data flow models and component view models.

EPS Dispensers Directory of Service API

API providing information about EPS dispensing services, and includes search functionality which lists dispensers who should be able to provide dispensing services for a patient with a given location and urgency.


Guidance for developers: Electronic Prescription Service integration walk through

A guide through the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) integration resources available on this site, including compliance specification, Message Implementation Manual (MIM) and connecting to a Spine environment.

Guidance for developers: ideas for using the prescription tracker API

Find out how the prescription tracker API could be used, including ideas for using it in prescribing and dispensing systems, along with patient-facing applications.

Guidance for developers: prescription tracker API – patient facing apps

This API does not expose actual medication names, quantities or dosages, so it does not meet the primary needs that patient facing applications need with prescribed and dispensed medication data. There is no way to link a repeat prescription request with the resulting Prescription ID’s.


Introduction to Spine EPS Tracker

Access to non-confidential metadata for electronic prescriptions managed through the national Electronic Prescription Service.