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Reviewing referrals - NHS e-Referral Service

A quick reference guide for clinicians on using the referrals for review worklist to review referrals in the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS)

Log in

  1. Log in to e-RS and select your role
  2. Click on the 'Worklists' tab

Filtering results

  1. Use the drop-down arrow on ‘Worklist Type’ to select the ‘Referrals for Review’ worklist
  2. Using the filters select the required service, specialty, clinician and/or location you wish to review as well as selecting ‘Appointment’ as your Referral Type to see only referrals with appointments

worklist filters

  1. Select ‘Load results’
  2. Any referrals (UBRNs) with an appointment will be displayed

Example of appointment results

  1. You can select ‘Hide filters’ to allow more space for your loaded referrals

Note: Filtering referrals helps to return search results quicker and results can be sorted using any of the headers. The results shown in the above image are sorted using the referral priority.

Review referral

  1. From the search results select a UBRN to open the referral you want to review

This will present the ‘Review Referral Summary’ screen and display the clinical information.

Exampleof clincial information displayed from the review referral summary screen

Note: Any ‘Related Referrals’ will be available from a link at the bottom left corner of the ‘Review Referral Summary’ screen.

  1. Clinicians should review all clinical information associated with the referral before selecting any of the actions located at the bottom right of the screen

Action buttons available from the review referral summary screen

Key actions

Accept, Review Next - Once you have reviewed the referral and decided it is clinically appropriate for the clinic, select ‘Accept Review Next’ in the review referral summary screen. When you accept a referral, e-RS will automatically show the next UBRN on the worklist for review. Once accepted, the referral will be removed from the worklist. To find a referral after it’s been accepted you can use the Patient Enquiry with either the patient’s NHS number or an appropriate UBRN.

Reject - once you have reviewed the referral and decided that it is clinically inappropriate for the clinic, select ‘Reject’ in the Review Referral Summary screen. Select a reason from the Reason dropdown list and enter further information in the comments field. This information will be visible to the referrer and help them understand why the referral has been rejected. Selecting ‘Submit, Review Next’ will automatically cancel the appointment in your Patient Administration System (PAS) and the next referral will be displayed for your review.

Rejected referral screen

Note: Once rejected, the referral will be removed from the worklist. You will be able to find it via the Patient Enquiry, but only for six months after the rejection.

Change service - once you have reviewed the referral and decided that it is clinically appropriate but for a different clinic (service), selecting this option will allow the referral to be re-directed to the appropriate clinic(service).

Cancel – Clicking on the cancel button will cancel the referral summary screen which is open and take you back to the searched results.

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