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Data Access Request Service (DARS) charges from 2018/19

NHS Digital is publicly funded and we operate on a cost recovery basis. We do not charge for data but we do apply charges to cover the cost of processing and delivering our service. We ensure charges are applied fairly and consistently, broadly determined by the amount of effort and approvals required. Charges apply to any application received after 1st April 2018.

Charges are calculated on four key service components: the type of application, the volume of data requested, the number of times throughout the agreement that you require data to be disseminated, and the nature of the service requested. Actual costs will be confirmed at the end of the application process and formally agreed before work commences.

Service components Unit cost
Application type New application £1,030
Amendment / renewal / extension £820
Annual review fee1 £500
Data volumes Per year / per dataset2 £320
Dissemination Per dissemination3 £930
Service required

Bespoke data linkage per dataset per dissemination4


HES Online Portal access (per user per year) £3200
Medical research reports5

 - Per report
 - Automatic cohort validation
 - Manual cohort validation (per 100 records)

Tabulations: per table £800
Permission to sub-licence (per annum) £10,000

1 Applies only to agreements covering more than one year, and is charged per every complete year beyond the first year. For example 13 months = one review, 25 months = two reviews.

In addition to standard datasets, such as HES Outpatient and DIDS, this term covers:

  • reports, for example ONS Mortality/Civil Registration or PROMs - these are provided as individual discrete reports (not necessarily defined by data years), and are charged per report
  • bridging files, such as HES to ONS Mortality - not defined by data years, these are charged per number of actual bridge files required and their frequency
  • work packages, such as Mental Health Data

The Standard Extract Service has been replaced with the provision of regular bespoke extracts, which helps to minimise the data required.  It is now costed as a number of individual extracts.

3 Applies for each delivery of data (each of which may include multiple datasets). This charge does not apply to medical research reports.

4 Includes linking multiple customer datasets, linking customer (or NHS Digital developed cohorts) to NHS Digital data. The linkage fee is charged each time customer data is linked and each time an extract is produced - for example, linking customer data to 3 HES datasets as well as SUS PbR will result in a linkage fee for linkage to HES as well as a linkage fee for linkage to SUS PbR (based on one dissemination of the linked datasets). If more than one dissemination is required, then the linkage fees are chargeable each time for each dissemination.

The format of these reports will be revised in 2018/19, and charges are subject to revision. Further information will be available in due course. All cohorts received will be validated and a fee will apply. Manual validation will not be undertaken unless specifically requested. Given the time such work takes, please contact us if you require more than 500 records to be manually validated.

Last edited: 6 January 2020 4:11 pm