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NHS DigiTrials

NHS DigiTrials offers data services to support clinical trials. We help reduce the time, effort and cost of developing new drugs, treatments and services, bringing benefits to patients, the public and the NHS.

The NHS DigiTrials service can help your clinical trial progress more easily at every stage, using the data NHS Digital already collects from health and care settings across England.

How we can help

Our service can help your clinical trial use NHS Digital data efficiently, from planning through to delivery.

1. Setting up the trial

When planning your trial, when it's still being developed or is in set-up, our data can help you:

  • find out whether there are enough potential patients to take part in a trial
  • identify patients who could be interested
  • see which geographical areas or research centres (for example hospitals or GP surgeries) might be most practical for your trial, because of the numbers of potential participants nearby

We know from our research that lots of patients are keen to take part in trials, both for the chance to try new treatments, and to help others. Our service can help you reach them, fast.

See how NHS Digital's data helped the ORION-4 trial, run by the University of Oxford, find participants efficiently.



We are currently working with the NHS Galleri Trial to support the recruitment of participants to test a new blood test that has the potential to detect cancer early.

2. During and after the trial

We can help you follow the participants taking part in your clinical trial, and link you with relevant data about them that we already collect from the NHS. This:

  • helps patients by reducing the number of follow up visits

  • reduces burden on the medical staff caring for them, as data is often collected as part of treatment, not just specifically for your trial

  • enables longer term follow up to help assess the clinical safety and effectiveness of treatments, during and after the trial
  • ensures patients are not lost from the trial because they have moved or lost touch

By linking patient cohorts to rich and detailed NHS data sets, we can efficiently identify which treatments work, or not - especially important during a pandemic.

How to get data from NHS DigiTrials for your research

For access to clinical data on your cohort and other identifiable patient information, requests need to be made through the NHS Digital data application process, and be reviewed by the Independent Group Advising on the Release of Data (IGARD). The NHS DigiTrials team is here to help you through the data application process. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Feasibility requests

If you are planning a clinical trial and want to assess the numbers and locations of potential participants for your clinical trial, fill in the feasibility request form.

All outputs (data) from the service are anonymous, provided as tables and do not need to go through the full data application approval process. We can also provide maps showing the locations and numbers of potential participants. 

Make a feasibility request

Tell us more about your trial, patient recruitment targets and clinical inclusion and exclusion criteria, and the output groupings most useful to you.

Other resources

Explore the NHS DigiTrials data sets alongside tools and resources for health research across the UK on the HDR UK gateway.

How NHS DigiTrials is run

NHS DigiTrials is funded as a data services delivery partner for the Find Recruit Follow-up programme and has been commissioned to deliver a range of data services to support clinical trials and wider healthcare research. 

The first phase of development of NHS DigiTrials (Oct 19-Jul 21) was funded by Health Data Research UK and delivered through a consortium with NHS Digital, University of Oxford, IBM and Microsoft. The NHS DigiTrials Board - which included consortium members, clinical trials stakeholders and patient/public representatives - oversaw this development.

Contact details

For more information on the NHS DigiTrials service, contact or phone 03003035678.

If you are contacting us about an existing enquiry or application please include your NIC number when you contact us.

Further information

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