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Dose Syntax API standards

API standards to provide a structured way to record dosage instructions between primary and secondary care settings.


Use this API standard to provide a structured way to record dosage instructions between primary and secondary care settings, based on the components of the FHIR Dosage structure.

Primary care prescribing - mostly by a GP - uses product-based prescriptions. Secondary care prescribing - as in hospital - uses less specific and more flexible dose-based prescriptions.

A structured way to record dosage instructions is essential when medicines information is shared between care settings to reduce human error. For example, identifying current medication on hospital admission, or sharing medication changes with the patient’s GP on hospital discharge. 

For more details, see the FHIR Dose Syntax Implementation Guidance.

These standards are based on work we did with INTEROPen, HL7 UK and the FHIR community to produce an England-centric FHIR STU3 set of profiles called CareConnect which were published in November 2018.

Follow on development work is underway in the FHIR UK Core standards.

Before you begin any development work using these API standards, contact us to discuss your best options.

API standards

Year  Name Version Status & Notes Links
2021 Dose Syntax Implementation for FHIR STU3 1.3.3-beta Beta - under active development


Last edited: 9 March 2021 5:17 pm