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Care Connect FHIR API standards

API standards using FHIR STU3 to create a unified approach to interoperability across England. 


These API standards were developed by us along with the INTEROPen community to produce an England-wide FHIR STU3 set of profiles called CareConnect, which we published in November 2018.

The specification was published as a work in progress to support discussion and evaluation but not for implementation.

The FHIR standards work is continuing as FHIR UK Core using FHIR release 4 to create a unified approach to interoperability across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This is to enable consistent information flows across borders to improve health and care outcomes for all patients.

For queries and comments, email [email protected].


These API standards are in draft.

Reference server

We produced an open source reference implementation, based on the FHIR HAPI project, published as a set of Docker images. Using it, you can access:

API standards

Year  Name Version Status & Notes Links

Care Connect 

V2.5.0 alpha

HL7 FHIR STU3 based standard from INTEROPen and NHS England


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