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Publication, Part of

Primary Care Network Workforce, 30 September 2021

Notice of Changes

Changes in this release

In July 2021, we introduced a new version of the National Workforce Reporting Service (NWRS). The new workforce reporting service, which is now open for new submissions, is easier to use and has been designed with direct feedback from users.  The aim is to make the task as simple and efficient as possible to help minimise the burden placed upon practices and Primary Care Networks.  

As the data owners, General Practices and PCNs are responsible for the quality and completeness of the data that they provide to us and the new version of NWRS is easier and more intuitive to use so we anticipate that the data quality will improve.

Job role changes

The Other job role within the Direct Patient Care staff group was added to the collection tool in the quarter up to September 2021 and so is included in this publication for the first time.

In previous releases, only Occupational Therapists had been reported against the overarching Therapist job role. In the September 2021 collection, some PCNs also created records with the Therapist - Other job role for the first time. Consequently, the Therapist reporting line in the bulletin tables now includes Occupational Therapists and Other Therapists. In the Individual-level CSV, grouped job roles and detailed job roles are provided.

Last edited: 17 November 2021 4:07 pm