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NHS Outcomes Framework Indicators - March 2022 release

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NHS Outcomes Framework Indicators - March 2022 release


The NHS Outcomes Framework (NHS OF) is a set of indicators developed by the Department of Health and Social Care to monitor the health outcomes of adults and children in England. The framework provides an overview of how the NHS is performing. This report provides information about the indicators updated in this release.

The March 2022 release provides new data for the following indicators:

  • 1b Life expectancy at 75
  • 1c Neonatal mortality and stillbirths (formerly indicator 1.6.ii)
  • 1.1 Under 75 mortality rate from cardiovascular disease
  • 1.2 Under 75 mortality rate from respiratory disease
  • 1.3 Under 75 mortality rate from liver disease
  • 1.4 Under 75 mortality rate from cancer
  • 1.6.i Infant mortality
  • 2.1 Proportion of people feeling supported to manage their condition
  • 2.2 Employment of people with long-term conditions
  • 2.3.i Unplanned hospitalisation for chronic ambulatory care sensitive conditions
  • 2.3.ii Unplanned hospitalisation for asthma, diabetes and epilepsy in under 19s
  • 2.5.i Employment of people with mental illness (formerly indicator 2.5)
  • 3a Emergency admissions for acute conditions that should not usually require hospital admission
  • 3b Emergency readmissions within 30 days of discharge from hospital
  • 3.2 Emergency admissions for children with lower respiratory tract infections (LRTIs)
  • 3.7.ii Tooth extractions due to decay for children admitted as inpatients to hospital, aged 10 years and under
  • 4a.i Patient experience of GP services
  • 4a.iii Patient experience of NHS dental services
  • 4b Patient experience of hospital care
  • 4.2 Responsiveness to inpatients’ personal needs
  • 4.3 Patient experience of A&E services
  • 4.4.i Access to GP services
  • 4.4.ii Access to NHS dental services
  • 5.1 Deaths from venous thromboembolism (VTE) related events within 90 days post discharge from hospital
  • 5.6 Patient safety incidents reported (formerly indicators 5a, 5b and 5.4)

The following indicators have been signposted to a publication which will cover a new data period:

  • 1.4.i One-year survival from all cancers
  • 1.4.ii Five-year survival from all cancers
  • 1.6.ii Five-year survival from all cancers in children (formerly indicator 1.6.iii)
  • 3.6.i Proportion of older people (65 and over) who were still at home 91 days after discharge from hospital into reablement/rehabilitation services
  • 3.6.ii Proportion of older people (65 and over) who were offered rehabilitation following discharge from acute or community hospital
  • 5.2.i Incidence of healthcare-associated infection - MRSA
  • 5.2.ii Incidence of healthcare-associated infection - C. difficile

The following indicators have not been updated with new data periods due to lack of availability of data for a new reporting period:

  • 4.5 Women’s experience of maternity services

The Excel and CSV data files for the indicators updated in this publication are available from the zip files in the resources section below.

The latest Excel and CSV data files, indicator specifications and data quality statements for all indicators are available from the most recent NHS Outcomes Framework publication. A link is provided in the resources section below.

The government's open data policy is about making data easy to find, easy to use and free to access. The website supports this policy by bringing datasets from government departments and public sector bodies together in one place. You can explore NHS Outcomes Framework indicator data on the website using the link in the resources section below.

NHS OF Responses to Consultation and NHS Digital Recommendations

Between 12 February 2021 and 12 March 2021, NHS Digital consulted on a proposal to change the frequency of the NHS Outcomes Framework publication from quarterly to annual, and for the August 2021 release to be the final quarterly publication.

A summary of responses, as well as future recommendations, is available in the 'NHS OF Responses to Consultation and NHS Digital Recommendations' document available from the 'Publication Series' link below.

The August 2021 release was the final quarterly publication.  As of this March 2022 release, NHS OF will be published on an annual basis.

NHS Digital has also released an 'NHS OF Data Source Links' document as a supplement to the consultation response document. This is also available from the 'Publication Series' link below. It provides a list of links to underlying source data, as well as links to alternative data sources where available, for all NHS OF indicators. This is intended to assist users access the most timely available data in between publication refreshes.

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