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NHS Maternity Statistics, England 2019-20

Official statistics

Further information

Further information about HES

The NHS Digital website contains more background information about HES:

The HES publications focus on headline information about hospital activity. Each annual publication includes a series of national tables and also provider-level breakdowns for some main areas.

All data items included in the published tables are explained in footnotes, and NHS Digital publishes data dictionaries for HES describing the format and possible values for all HES data items:

This data is also readily accessible via an online interrogation service (for NHS users) or via our bespoke extract service:

Further information about MSDS

More background information about the MSDS and MSDS v2.0 can be found here:

Alongside this publication a Statement of Administrative Sources is also published, as required by the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. More information on the background and purpose of the Statement of Administrative Sources can be found here:

MSDS data are published monthly at provider level and higher geographies. The data items included in the published tables are explained in a metadata document, and NHS Digital publish a technical output specification describing the format and possible values for all MSDS data items:

Caveats and data quality

Detailed information about HES data quality of data items, and completeness of provider data submissions can be accessed via the following link:

Detailed information about data quality of HES & MSDS data items, and completeness of provider data submissions can be found in the Excel data quality files published alongside this report.

A joint data quality statement reporting against the European Statistical System (ESS) quality dimensions and principles is published with this report.

For data in 2019-20, the MSDS transitioned to a new version of the dataset. This is the first publication of data from MSDS v2.0, therefore data from this year is not directly comparable to previous years.

In order to prevent disclosure of identities or information about service users, all figures for the 2019-20 MSDS data have been rounded to the nearest 5. Figures between 1 and 7 are also rounded to 5. Percentages have been calculated from rounded figures

Analysis and commentary

Percentages included in this publication, unless otherwise stated, are based on total ‘knowns’, e.g. the percentage of caesareans is based on all deliveries with a known method of delivery, excluding those with an unknown method of delivery. Where there is a high percentage of ‘unknowns’ for a given clinical practice or outcome (these are identifiable in all tables), the reported figures for ‘knowns’ should be treated with caution. Given the fluctuation in the number of ‘unknowns’ over time, it should be noted that all reported changes may be the result of changes/improvements in recording practice rather than changes in clinical practice or clinical outcomes.

For information on fields referred to below refer to the HES data dictionary and MSDS Technical Output Specification:

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