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Implementing the Maternity Services Data Set (MSDS) v2.0 tools and guidance

Implementation, tools and guidance documents for the Maternity Services Data Set (MSDS).

Implementation guidance documents:

Guidance documents for the Data Model, Technical Output Specification (TOS), User Guidance, and SNOMED CT mapping. 

MSDS v2.0 Data Model published 6 August 2018

A pictorial representation of the output data set. The Data Model defines the referential integrity that will be enforced when the submission file is validated. 

Access the data model.  

MSDS v2.0 Technical Output Specification (TOS) published 15 February 2023

A specification for the output data set required of providers which defines each data item within the data set. This document splits the data set into tables, each containing data items and values, including linkage items used to link each data table.  

This is the Enhanced TOS, which includes the 'validation rules’ and derivations that will be applied to submission files at the submission portal.

Access the latest version of the TOS

MSDS v2.0 User Guidance published 9 December 2021

This guidance describes how the information standard should be interpreted by service providers, IT system suppliers and other stakeholders. It helps users understand the scope of the standard and how it should be implemented locally, including guidance about how to map or submit each individual data item.  

Access the user guidance [Archive Content]

SNOMED CT Mapping published 23 September 2019

The MSDS v2.0 SNOMED CT mapping guidance is a tool to help service providers to map to a SNOMED CT code from value list data items that were present in MSDS v1.5, that are no longer available as value lists in MSDS v2.0.

This document is not intended to specify the only SNOMED CT codes that service providers should flow to MSDS v2.0. Providers using maternity systems that already capture SNOMED CT codes (or other clinical terminology and classifications) for primary care purposes should flow these codes to MSDS v2.0 rather than trying to map to the codes contained within this document. Maternity providers and system suppliers should also refer to the Maternity Record Standard and any associated SNOMED CT reference sets.

Access the latest version of the SNOMED CT Mapping document

SBLCBv2 - MSDS v2.0 Technical Glossary – updated 22 June 2022

The Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle (SBLCBv2) has been developed to help reduce perinatal mortality across England. It sets out a series of measures based on five elements of care that are widely recognised as evidence-based and/or best practice. Data for many of these measures can be obtained from the Maternity Services Data Set (MSDS).

The SBLCBv2 – MSDS v2.0 Technical Glossary is designed to assist MSDS v2.0 data submitters in collecting and submitting data which will support the various process and outcome indicators specified in SBLCBv2. Each tab relates to a separate element of SBLCBv2, and details the relevant data items, values and (where relevant) SNOMED CT terms and codes that can be included in MSDS v2.0 submissions.

Access the SBLCBv2 MSDS v2.0 Technical Glossary

Data Quality Submission Summary Tool

Data Quality Submission Summary Tool

The Data Quality Submission Summary Tool is designed to improve readability and understanding of the Maternity Services Data Set (MSDS) validation reports that are provided after a submission on the SDCS Cloud portal. improve readability and understanding of the MSDS validation reports that are provided after a submission on the SDCS Cloud portal


Organisational assessment and planning tools

These tools will assist providers who are new to implementing the MSDS in their organisation. These are optional tools for local use only.

System Conformance checklist published 27 July 2019

The MSDS v2.0 system conformance checklist is a tool to help maternity providers assess how well their local IT systems 'map' to the MSDS v2.0 Technical Output Specification. 

Access the System conformance checklist



Implementation planning template published 6 November 2018

This template can be utilised by maternity providers to plan their organisation's activity for implementing the MSDS v2.0. The resulting plan should provide a high-level picture of how their organisation intends to tackle this implementation within the anticipated timescales. 

Access the implementation planning template

Readiness Assessment Tool published 18 November 2018

This tool is designed to help maternity providers measure their organisation's MSDS v2.0 implementation progress. This spans a baseline assessment, regular reviews and a final review to report successful implementation.

Access the tool.

Other documents

MSDS information governance and fair processing guidance – published 4 September 2018

Designed to support care providers implementing MSDS, this guidance contains suggested fair processing information for inclusion in existing patient information material.

Access the fair processing guidance

MSDS v2.0 XML pre, mid window and post deadline extract schemas

MSDS v2.0 pre-deadline, mid window and post-deadline extract XML schemas are available on the TRUD website

The XML extract schemas describe the structure of the exports generated by the SDCS Cloud and can be used to assist in development of in house analytical and checking tools. 

Registered submitters will be able to download record level extracts of your own MSDS data by logging into the SDCS Cloud

Pre-deadline, mid window and post-deadline processing

Pre-deadline processing is applied to every file uploaded to the SDCS Cloud. It produces a pre-deadline extract and data summary reports.  

Further processing is applied to ‘the last good’ file that has passed validation to produce both the mid window and post-deadline extracts. This takes place after the provisional processing deadline for the mid window extract, and after the final submission window closes for the post-deadline extract.

The pre-deadline, mid window and post-deadline extracts have the same file format, structure and elements, but the mid window and post-deadline extract includes additional derived data items.  

Other tasks

Further information

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