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National Child Measurement Programme, England 2019/20 School Year

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Part 2: Geography

The impact of a partial NCMP collection year has had a significant impact on the data below national level.

At region level, the larger sample sizes and data quality analysis indicates that the findings are comparable to previous NCMP years and therefore, outputs at region level are included in this section.

The impact at Local Authority (LA) level is significant. In March some LAs had completed the measurements for the year, some were in the process of measuring children and some LAs had not yet started. Each LA has been assigned to a category in this publication.

Proportion measured in 2019/20 compared to previous 3 years Category Number of LAs
Reception Year 6
Above 75% Reliable 55 110
Between 25% and 75% Fit for publication but interpret with caution 85 32
Less than 25% Unreliable, suppressed 9 7

Data by submitted local authority is presented in Tables 5 and 6. For LAs in the middle category, users are advised to refer to the detailed data quality tables included in the report to assess the completeness of the data for their purposes.


In general, obesity prevalence was highest in London, West Midlands, North East and North West.

It was lowest in the South West, South East and East of England.

London had the highest prevalence of underweight children at 1.4% in reception and 1.8% in year 6 (not shown on chart).


For more information: Tables 5 and 6, National Child Measurement Programme: England, 2019/20 school year.



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