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Learning Disability Services Monthly Statistics, AT: May 2023, MHSDS: March 2023 Final

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Learning Disability Services Monthly Statistics, AT: May 2023, MHSDS: March 2023 Final

Cyber Incident Impact on MHSDS data submissions

Unfortunately, a number of providers of MHSDS data have been affected by a recent cyber incident. NHS Digital has actively worked with these providers to understand how best to resolve any data submission issues that may have occurred as a result. We also continue to encourage affected providers to reach out to [email protected] as well as their regional Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR) teams.

Please read below for full details:

Although the impact on June and July 2022 monthly data was quite limited, the impact on August through to March 2023 data has been much more substantial. As such, national level breakdowns have been omitted from all outputs that are part of this publication. It was not considered appropriate to publish March 2023 national level data at present, given that these data are not an accurate reflection of activity for that month.

Data at Provider and Local Authority level data are, however, still included within this publication. Comparisons between providers not impacted by the cyber incident are still valid, as are comparisons between March 2023 data and that of previous months for any given non-cyber incident impacted provider.

Although the ‘Experimental Statistics’ designation is stated underneath the publication title above, users should be aware that the designation does not currently apply to this publication in the series. It does, however, remain applicable to all editions up to and including Final July 2022.

Finally, we will continue to monitor this situation with regards to subsequent months’ publications. No changes to submission processes will be introduced while service providers are actively dealing with this issue.

15 June 2023 09:30 AM


Latest monthly statistics on Learning Disabilities and Autism (LDA) patients from the Assuring Transformation (AT) collection and Mental Health Services Data Set (MHSDS).

Data on inpatients with learning disabilities and/or autism are being collected both within the AT collection and MHSDS. There are differences in the inpatient figures between the AT and MHSDS data sets and work has been ongoing to better understand these. LDA data from MHSDS are experimental statistics, however, while impacts from the cyber incident are still present they will be considered to be management information.

From October 2021, LDA MHSDS data has been collected under MHSDS version 5.

A number of comparators are published each month to assess the differences in reporting between the collections. These can be found in the MHSDS datasets section.

From 1 July 2022, Integrated Care Boards were established within Integrated Care Systems data and replaced Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs). Clinical Commissioning Groups have been replaced by sub-Integrated Care Boards. Data for the AT collection is now submitted by sub-Integrated Care Boards. This has resulted in some renaming within tables and the inclusion of a new Table 5.1b with a patient breakdown by submitting organisation. Patients by originating organisation and commissioning type are still available in Table 5.1a. Data in the tables are now presented by the current organisational structures. Old organisational structures have been mapped to new structures in any time series.

Methodological Change

From the July 2022 publication onwards, the methodology used within the restrictive interventions measures will include the changes described in the Restrictive Intervention Statistics Methodological change paper.

Key Facts

There were 2,045 learning disabilities and/or autism inpatients at the end of the month.

1,130 (55%) of these have had a total length of stay* over 2 years.

*Total length of stay is the time since the date of first admission to any hospital as part of this continuous period of inpatient care.

90 were admitted to hospital

50 were first admissions in a year, 20 were readmissions within a year of the previous discharge, and 20 were transfers from other hospitals.

(Source: AT dataset)

160 were discharged from hospital

130 (81%) of these were discharged back into the community

(Source: AT dataset)

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