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General Practitioner Workforce in Alternative Settings July 2019 - September 2019, Experimental Statistics

Experimental statistics
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01 Jul 2019 to 30 Sep 2019


All figures are estimates. CCGs provided information on hours from which estimates of GPs’ full-time equivalence have been calculated.  Figures from the first publication are included for ease of reference.

These full-time equivalent estimates assume that full-time is defined as 37½ working hours per week for 13 weeks during a quarter. For example, the estimates suggest that there was the equivalent of 2390 full-time GPs working in these alternative settings during the quarter July-September 2019.

Estimated full-time equivalent GPs working in Alternative Settings, England

Very great care should be taken when interpreting these figures. There are a number of major data quality considerations that affect the levels of confidence that may be bestowed upon the figures in this and the previous release and users are urged to refer to the Data Quality section of both releases. Furthermore, as some services were not commissioned in earlier years, care should be taken when considering variation across the reporting periods.

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