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Publications and notifications

Recent Data Alliance Partnership Board (DAPB) publications, with details of new Information Standards Notices (ISNs) and consultation activity. 

The release of Information Standards Notices (ISNs) is managed by the Data Alliance Partnership Board (DAPB).  In addition, DAPB publishes a list of approved national information standards and data collections and produces a NHS Standard Contract Schedule to notify providers of contractual obligations.

Email notifications are issued to the DAPB mailing list when ISNs are published. The notifications include consultation and publication activity, including new Information Standards Notices. 

Recent DAPB notifications

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Further information

internal Information Standards Notices

Information Standards Notices (ISNs) are published to announce new or changes to information standards published under section 250 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

internal Standards and collections

An alphabetical list of all current approved national information standards and data collections (including extractions).

internal NHS Standard Contract: Approved Collections

A short version of the Schedule of Approved Collections which forms part of the NHS Standard Contract. The Schedule helps commissioned service providers identify if they are contractually obliged to submit data.

internal Standards assurance activity

View a summary of standards assurance activity being presented to upcoming meetings of the Data Alliance Partnership Board (DAPB).

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