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Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Statistics (MHLDS) Monthly Reports

The Mental Health Minimum Data Set (MHMDS) was renamed Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Data Set (MHLDDS) following an expansion in scope (from September 2014) to include people in contact with learning disability services for the first time. This monthly statistical release makes available the most recent MHLDDS data from September 2014 onwards.

As well as providing timely data, it presents a wide range of information about care given to users of NHS-funded, secondary mental health and learning disability services for adults and older people ('secondary mental health and learning disability services') in England.

The release comprises:

  • an executive summary which presents some national-level time series information;
  • a monthly data file which presents 40 measures by provider, clinical commissioning group (CCG), local authority and provider/CCG pairings from the most recent month's final data;
  • a currency and payment file that contains 75 measures (including calculated measures) to support the implementation of currencies and payment in mental health. These measures include the 10 national recommended quality and outcome indicators, along with other measures to add context;
  • a set of provider level data quality measures (also presented for provisional data for the month ahead);
  • a background data quality report to help users assess the quality of specific information;
  • a detailed metadata file, which provides contextual information for each measure, including a full description, current uses, and the method used for analysis.

This information will be of particular interest to organisations involved in the delivery of secondary mental health and learning disability services, as it presents timely information to support discussions between providers and commissioners of services.

For patients, researchers, agencies and the wider public it aims to provide up to date information about the numbers of people using services, spending time in psychiatric hospitals and subject to the Mental Health Act (MHA). Some of these measures are currently experimental analysis.

All the measures can be produced from analysis of the monthly extracts supplied to providers and commissioners with access to the Bureau Service on the Open Exeter system, although many measures use data from previous submissions.

MHLDS Monthly Reports: Background data quality report [Archive Content]

MHLDS Monthly Reports - Metadata file [Archive Content]

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Further information

internal Mental Health Services Monthly Statistics

This monthly statistical release makes available the most recent MHSDS data from January 2016 onwards and replaces the Monthly MHLDS Reports (last published in February). The release provides the most up to date information available about care given to users of NHS funded secondary mental health, learning disability and autism services for all ages in England.

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