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Ambulance Systems Indicators (AmbSYS)

Monthly response times, transport to Emergency Department, call and incident counts

The Ambulance Systems Indicators (AmbSYS) are provided via the Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS) by the eleven NHS ambulance services in England.

The indicators include ambulance response times; call answer times; ambulances assigned to incidents; and counts of incidents resulting in transport to an Emergency Department, or elsewhere; and incidents resolved on the scene or on the telephone.

NHS England publishes AmbSYS for each month on the second Thursday of the following month, alongside the Ambulance Clinical Outcomes.

Frequency: Monthly

Launch and submission dates

This collection is a monthly collection. It will open on the morning of the 1st working day of each month. 

See the timetable section of the NHS England Ambulance Quality Indicators  for information about submission, deadlines, revision details and publication dates, Registered data  submitters of the data collection will receive monthly emails from the Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS) confirming when the reporting window is opening and closing. 


Data Provision Notice

Last edited: 25 May 2022 12:44 pm