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In total, 291 responses were submitted to the online survey, 28 participants took part in a qualitative focus group, 11 participants took part in one of seven guided feedback interviews, and 35 contributed via the academic network events. There is overlap between these groups, for example those participating in guided feedback interviews and members of the APMS Academic Network were encouraged to also respond to the consultation survey. A list of the organisations that responded to the consultation and provided their organisation name is provided in Appendix A. Some organisations provided a consolidated response.

A broad range of type of stakeholders took part in the consultation (table 1). Most consultation survey participants responded in their capacity as someone with lived experience of mental health issues (123 responses and/or someone working in research or education (125). Participants also drew on their roles in service provision(59), policy and planning (32), and or campaigning (19). Of these who selected other, 15 responses were provided by parents/carers of someone with mental health difficulties; and 32 responses were provided by people responding as members of the public. Participants responding in a capacity other than lived experience/as a member of the public, were asked which sector they worked in. Most were employed in a university or research institution (106), a service providing organisation (77), or the third sector (43). Responses were also received from local (8) and central (10) government, including the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), Public Health England (PHE), NHS England and other NHS organisations, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), and the Home Office. These were usually consolidated responses.

Table 1: Number and percentage of consultation respondents

Number %

Are you responding as an individual or on behalf of an organisation or group?

Individuals 242 86
Organisation  35 12
Group  4 1
Are you responding in your capacity as someone…*    
Lived experience of mental health issues 123 44
In policy or planning 32 11
In research or education  125 45
In a campaign role  19 7
In health or other service provision  59 21
Member of the public  32 11
Other 21 8
Do you work in…*    
Third sector/voluntary/campaign organisation  43 15
Local government 8 3
Central government 10 4
University or research institute 106 38
Health and social services 77 28
Other 25 9
Total 291 100

Source: APMS 2022 consultation survey. 



More than one response could be provided.  

Last edited: 22 September 2021 12:33 pm