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Public health

The choices people make can have a lasting impact on their health. Improving patient care isn't just about treating people's individual diseases, it also means changing and preventing harmful behaviours which can improve and even save people's lives.


Compendium of population health indicators

This compendium is a collection of indicators, giving a comprehensive overview of population health at a national, regional and local level. These indicators were previously available on the Clinical and Health Outcomes Knowledge Base website (also known as NCHOD).


National Study of Health and Wellbeing

Also known as the Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey, this survey runs every 7 years. Find out more about the survey.


National Study of Health and Wellbeing: Children and Young People

The 2017 survey aims to find out about the health, development and wellbeing of children and young people aged between 2 and 19 years old in England. It will cover around 9,500 children and young people living in private households in England. Find out more.


Adult Dental Health Survey

The Adult Dental Health Survey collects information about the condition of adults' teeth and dental hygiene. It investigates dental experiences, knowledge of and attitudes towards dental care and oral hygiene.


Children's Dental Health Survey

This survey collects information about the condition of children's teeth, dental hygiene, oral health attitudes and behaviours and dental care received.



Lifestyle publications cover a range of topics including smoking, alcohol, drug use, obesity and contraception. Some of these publications are sourced from surveys commissioned by us, while suites of compendia publications present a range of data on the topic from a variety of sources.


Smoking, drinking and drug use among young people in England

This survey helps central and local government to better understand young people's behaviours and to develop policies, plan services and new initiatives and to monitor and evaluate their impact.


What About Youth study

Find out more about the What About Youth (WAY) study, which was launched as part of a government pledge to make improvements to the health of young people.


Digital mapping information

Viewing data on a map allows you to see hidden trends, and the public sector can access a range of Ordnance Survey data for free, through the Public Sector Mapping Agreement.


Health Survey for England - Health, social care and lifestyles

Health Survey for England - Health, social care and lifestyles is an annual survey looking at changes in the health and lifestyles of people all over the country. Find out more and download the latest survey report.

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