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Bowel Cancer Screening Services

The Bowel Cancer Screening System (BCSS) identifies and invites eligible men and women aged between 60 and 74 to participate in bowel cancer screening. BCSS also identifies and invites eligible men and women in England who reach the age of 55 to have a one-off screening test, known as a bowel scope (the bowel scope test is not available in the Isle of Man).

Subjects who reach the age of 74 are automatically removed from the screening programme. They do, however, have the option of self-referring back into the programme at any time.

BCSS is used to create the call/recall invitation plans used within the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme across screening centres. Using these plans, the screening centres send out invitations to eligible subjects in a controlled, timely manner. BCSS includes functions for:

  • maintaining organisation-related information
  • managing invitations and appointments
  • sending out test kits
  • recording test results
  • reporting

Find out more about the NHS bowel cancer screening program.


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