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Actions for local registration authorities

Bowel Cancer Screening System users will use smartcards and CIS2 to login to BCSS. This replaces the login process via Open Exeter.

Smart Card Access Profile for access to BCSS

To enable users to access the Bowel Cancer Screening System (BCSS) application, Local RAs will need to set up and assign a Position Based Access Control (PBAC) position.

It is recommended the position is titled ‘Bowel Cancer Screening System’. This will need to be entered locally and associated with their organisation’s ODS code containing the RBAC Attributes:

  • role with no Baseline Activities R8008
  • Activity B1834 'Bowel Cancer Screening System'

Actions you can take to support us with these important changes

To support us with these important changes Registration Authorities will need to:

  • ensure that RA agents are aware of the need for NHS Smartcard access to BCSS
  • process NHS Smartcards requests for BCSS users who do not currently have one, in a timely manner, when they submit their application
  • process requests for the BCSS Application access position to be added to existing smartcard holders

Adding an email address

All users of BCSS need to ensure that their smartcard user profile has been updated with an email address. This can be done by the RA or the user via the Care Identity Service Portal.

To do this:

  1. Log on to the NHS Spine Portal
  2. Click launch Care Identity Service (Replaces UIM, Calendra and CMS).
  3. Under the quick links menu click on my profile.
  4. Under the contact details section click modify contact details.
  5. Enter your email address followed by update contact.

Last edited: 20 September 2022 11:45 am