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Actions for Bowel Cancer Screening System (BCSS) users

BCSS users will use smartcards and CIS2 to login to BCSS. This replaces the login process via Open Exeter.

  • All BCSS users will need a smartcard. If any of your BCSS users don’t already have one, please could you liaise with your local Registration Authority (RA) manager to have one issued.
  • Liaise with your trusts local Registration Authority (RA) to have a ‘Bowel Cancer Screening System’ position created locally that includes the Bowel Cancer Screening System activity code (B1834).
  • Ask the local RA to allocate the newly created ‘Bowel Cancer Screening System’ position to the smartcard accounts of all your BCSS users.
  • Send a list of your BCSS users along with their smartcard number to the Exeter helpdesk so that the smartcard number can be added to the user’s BCSS account.
  • All BCSS users must ensure that their smartcard profile has been updated with their email address.
  • Liaise with your local IT team to check that they have installed the latest CIS2 software on all BCSS users’ laptops or PCs. For more information read the actions for local IT teams.

The facility to login via Open Exeter will continue to be available during roll out, so if there are any problems with the CIS2/smartcard login, users will be able to revert to logging in via Open Exeter.

Check your smartcard setup to confirm that your laptop or PC has the latest CIS2 software installed.

Obtaining a smartcard

BCSS users that do not already have an NHS smartcard will need to obtain one from their trusts local Registration Authority (RA).

To register the applicant for a national verified digital identity, a local RA will arrange a face-to-face meeting.

Guidance for setting up smartcard users on BCSS

Once a BCSS user has a smartcard and has had the ‘Bowel Cancer Screening System’ position assigned to them by the local RA, the smartcard user’s details should be sent to the Exeter Helpdesk so that the user’s smartcard details can be added to their BCSS user profile.

Please raise a service log with the Exeter Helpdesk to request the set-up of a smartcard user on BCSS [email protected].

The request should include the following information for each user:

  • name of requesting organisation
  • BCSS user’s full name
  • BCSS user's email address
  • BCSS user code
  • smartcard universally unique identifier (UUID) - the long number printed on the front of the user’s smartcard

Adding an email address

All users of BCSS need to ensure that their smartcard user profile has been updated with an email address. This can be done by the RA or the user via the Care Identity Service Portal.

To do this:

  1. Log on to the NHS Spine Portal
  2. Click launch Care Identity Service (Replaces UIM, Calendra and CMS).
  3. Under the quick links menu click on my profile.
  4. Under the contact details section click modify contact details.
  5. Enter your email address followed by update contact.

CIS2 login issues

There are 3 steps to enable CIS2 login:

1. Installation of NHS Credential Management.

2. Smartcard configuration (via the local RA).

3. BCSS UUID setup (via the helpdesk).

If you see an error when you first attempt to login it could be that your setup has not been completed.

i. This error means your smartcard configuration is not complete, and you should contact your local registration authority.

Your authentication to the Bowel Cancer Screening System has failed. 

Please close your browser and attempt to re-authenticate.

If the problem persists. please contact your local registration authority.

ii. This error means your smartcard ID has not been added to your BCSS user account, and you should contact the helpdesk to complete your registration

Your authentication to the Bowel Cancer Screening System has failed.

Your CIS2 credentials do not appear to be held correctly in BCSS

Please close your browser and contact the helpdesk to complete your registration

CIS2 login when working across multiple trust sites

Each user should only have a single NHS Smartcard and multiple Access Positions can be assigned to the single smartcard.  

If you work across multiple trust sites, please contact the local RA for each organisation to assign the appropriate access position to your smartcard for access to BCSS at each individual location.  

Creating a desktop shortcut to BCSS

To create a desktop shortcut to BCSS:

1. Right click on desktop > New > Shortcut

Desktop image displaying New and short cut folder

2. Put the BCSS CIS2 link in the location field in the popup and press next:.

Create shortcut: What item would you like to create a shortcut for

3. Name the shortcut and press Finish:

What would you like to name the shortcut

4. A shortcut will appear on your desktop.

BCSS CIS2 desktop shortcut image


Accessing OBIEE

The CIS2 link needs to be added to your browser settings to allow access through to OBIEE, to avoid being reverted to the Report page after selecting the Dashboard option. 

1. Right click the Dashboard link and open in a new tab.

Dashboard open link in new screen

2. In the new tab, click on the “Pop-up blocked” option that appears and always allow pop-up and redirects from the BCSS URL. 
Bowel Cancer Screening System pop up blocked screen

3. Close this tab and click on Dashboard, the link should now work (opening a new tab). 

Last edited: 12 January 2024 3:08 pm