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2021 Tech Talk blogs

This is from our tech talk blog, showing the best of digital and data technology from NHS Digital. 

Catching patients before COVID-19 bites

Oximetry @home allows COVID-19 patients to stay at home and get the care they need safely. Jonathan Telfer, Senior Technical Architect at NHS Digital, explains the approach and the data architecture behind it.

The tech behind the jab

Richard McEwan, Lead Technical Architect, explains the infrastructure behind one of the world’s largest national COVID-19 vaccination programmes and how it has helped over 35 million people and counting get their life-saving jabs.

Finding the vulnerable before COVID does

When the University of Oxford developed a model to predict those at higher risk of dying from COVID-19, we had a challenge: to securely integrate this risk assessment tool into our data systems to identify exactly who these people were. Lee Gathercole, Technical Architect, explains how we did it.

Lessons from the coalface of API-first design

Our ‘API-first’ approach is making it easier for developers, suppliers and partners to connect to our platforms and services. Brian Diggle, Technical Architect at NHS Digital, gives a behind-the-scenes look at how this approach works in practice.