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Alistair Bullward

Alistair Bullward is Head of Function for Analytics, Data Services

Head of Function for Analytics, Data Services

My background isn’t a standard techie one. I studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics for my undergrad degree and completed a Masters in Political Philosophy before joining BT’s graduate scheme. Even at that stage, I wanted to get involved in the public sector. Whilst at BT I was lucky to work with range of public and private organisations. 

I’m proof that if you are interested and logical, and you want to do something useful, you don’t need a STEM background to get into data and technology. 

I joined the NHS because there is a guiding star of values to improve lives. It’s been really motivating and you realise how resilient you can be surrounded by people who share a common goal. 

When COVID-19 hit, my role morphed into leading a team creating visualisations from coronavirus data that helped the public understand what was going on and also provide data to professionals to try and get the response right.  

This was only one team among many but I am proud of what we achieved and as we hopefully emerge from the crisis, we are now focusing on developing our data capability for ‘peace time’ so we can continue to make a difference.