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New cervical screening service starting 2021

We will be moving the cervical screening service to a new IT system in 2021 which will replace the National Cervical Screening call/recall system.

National Health Application and Infrastructure Services (NHAIS) the current IT system used for cervical screenings is expected to be replaced with an interim replacement by Spring 2021.

We have been commissioned by NHSX to quickly develop a new clinically safe interim solution that will replace the cervical screening service currently being delivered on the NHAIS platform.  Further enhancements are expected to follow throughout 2021. 

We will introduce the new IT system and decommission cervical screening on the legacy system with minimal impact to users.

Over the next few months NHS Digital’s Implementation and Business Change (IBC) team will be engaging with all providers to support them to implement any technical and business change requirements prior to deployment.


The new platform will require staff who work in cervical screening services to use a new smartcard authentication process through NHS Identity.

Cervical screening (service) staff will be given access to the new platform either through additional roles and responsibilities or through their existing smartcard authentication (NHS Identity).

If you already have an existing smartcard you will be given access to the new platform through your existing smartcard authentication.

Staff who do not currently have a smartcard will be invited to contact their local registration authority to apply for one.

Further guidance will be published soon.  

Last edited: 7 December 2020 4:22 pm