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Combined endpoint and service registration request

Request new certificates and/or create or modify endpoints.

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Section 1: Contact details
Section 2: What do you want to do?

You must select one

Complete sections 3 and 4
Complete sections 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
Complete section 8
Please complete all required sections below with requested details.

If you wish to make any amendments to an existing endpoint you'll need EPR admin. Please see relevant environment page.

Section 3: Path to Live environments
Select one environment. Complete a separate form for each environment you need to connect to.

Environments are restricted by usage and have entry criteria - check the website for more details.

Section 4: Request a new certificate
You must have an FQDN to generate an endpoint
Generate the CSR with only the common name field populated which must match the FQDN - all other fields can remain blank
Provide any further information you think will be useful to support your request
Section 5: Create new endpoint
This section should be used to create new MHS or CMA endpoints

Tell us which type of endpoint needs creating

If you do not specify, or are unsure, we will create a CMA endpoint

A single party key and corresponding ASID will be created
An MHS only party key will be generated - additional ASIDs for this party key must be specified in Section 6 of this form
If you do not know your ODS code please email:
Section 6: Additional ASIDs
Add additional ASIDs to an MHS only party key created in the section above

If you do not know your ODS code, please email:
This should be the MHS only party key created in the section above
Section 7: Party Keys and MHS URL Bindings
Indicate a binding URL for each message type or choose one for all messages

Provide up to 6 sets of services and binding URLs

If you need to provide further entries please email:

Section 8: Other information
Failure to provide the requested detail may result in the request being rejected and/or delayed