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Message Exchange for Social Care and Health (MESH) common issues in the Path to Live environments

How to deal with common issues experienced by users of the Path to Live environments when using the Messaging Service for Social Care and Health (MESH). 

Obtain a MESH mailbox

In Live, users will need to contact the National Service Desk to request a MESH Mailbox.

In the Path to Live (PtL) environments, contact with the following information:

  • required Path to Live environment
  • mailbox name (no special characters)
  • testing ODS code
  • organisation name
  • contact name
  • contact telephone number
  • contact email
  • your organisation name

In addition, If intending to use MESH API, please provide a CSR with common name filed set to you desired FQDN. All other fields can be blank . The email field must be blank. 

Please note there are restrictions on using the MESH client or API over the internet. This requires a SHA2 keystore and the source address must be a UK IP address.

Download the MESH Client

You can install the MESH Client from the MESH service page.

MESH API Useful Information

The following information may be useful to user connecting via the MESH API


Shared Key is 'BackBone'

Useful website for obtaining HMAC-2356 hashes here

Useful website for obtaining a GUID generator here

MESH API guidance is available here


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