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Creating a baseline

Find out about creating a baseline, including information on full files, archive files and usage.

Why a baseline is needed

The ORD API allows you to take a maximum of 1,000 records per query. If you want to obtain the Prescribing Cost Centre (GP Practice) data for example, it would take 16 separate API queries as there are over 16,000 records.

If you create a baseline of data using an XML file and then use the API to obtain updates it will reduce the number of queries you need to make.

How to get baseline data

The baseline data referred to as the XML full file is refreshed on a monthly basis and is available to download from the Technology Update Distribution (TRUD) service.

Having created your baseline you can retrieve updates (new and amended ODS codes) from the ORD API when required as frequently as daily.

How to automate data from TRUD

If you want automate data from TRUD packs, you need an FTP account. After you register for TRUD you can request an FTP account via the information Standards Service Desk, by emailing [email protected].

The Information Standards Service Desk will help you set up your FTP account.

Archive file

When records have been closed for a period of time they move from the XML full file into the XML archive file.

ODS may choose to update the cut off date for the archive periodically, this will be communicated via the ODS newsletter

Records in the archive follow the same structure as the full file.

Find out more in the XML products guide.

Last edited: 21 March 2023 11:34 am