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Requesting repeat prescriptions

Patients can use the NHS App to request repeat prescriptions and nominate a preferred pharmacy.

How it works

Patients can use the NHS App to view their previous orders and request a repeat prescription if the medication item is available to order. It’s a completely free service which is quick, easy, and convenient for your patients.

When a patient selects a repeat prescription request, it is sent directly to the surgery for sign-off and then issued directly to the nominated pharmacy. Orders can be made at any time at a patient’s convenience, they don’t have to wait for surgery to open.

Once they have placed an order, patients can view their repeat prescriptions status and history, including when an item was last ordered.

Choose a nominated pharmacy

You can change where you collect your prescriptions – this is called your nominated pharmacy. It's where the patient’s prescriptions will be sent, after they have been issued by the GP.

Log-in to your NHS App and select 'Prescriptions' from the navigation options at the bottom of the screen.

Select the 'Your nominated pharmacy' option to check your prescription will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice. You can change your nominated pharmacy at any time. It’s best to do this before you order anything. Any prescriptions already ordered and in transit, will be delivered to the pharmacy nominated at the time of request.

Nominate a pharmacy steps 1-3

Step 1 - Your nominated pharmacy

To makes any changes, select the 'Change your nominated pharmacy' button.

A message on screen will confirm any outstanding prescriptions will still arrive at your current nominated pharmacy. Any changes you make to your nominated pharmacy are for new prescription requests.  Confirm you have read the message by selecting 'Continue'.

Step 2 - Choose a type of pharmacy to search for

Select 'High street pharmacies'.

Step 3 - Find a high street pharmacy

Use the box to enter the full UK postcode for the area you want to search.

Nominate a pharmacy steps 4-5

Step 4 - High street pharmacies near postcode

Review the list of pharmacies shown - these are displayed by distance from the postcode you entered. Choose the pharmacy where you want your prescriptions to be sent to in the future and select 'Confirm'.

Step 5 - You have nominated a pharmacy

Confirmation screen you have changed your nominated pharmacy. Future prescription requests will be sent here after they are approved by your GP surgery.

Request a repeat prescription

Steps 1-3 of ordering a repeat prescription via the NHS App

Step 1 - Prescriptions screen

Select the 'Your nominated pharmacy' option to check your prescription will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice. You can change your nominated pharmacy at any time. It’s best to do this before you order anything, so your prescription goes to the right pharmacy.

Step 2 - Check the pharmacy it will be sent to

See 'Choose a nominated pharmacy' above.

If you’re happy with your nominated pharmacy, select 'Back' to return to the previous Prescriptions screen.

Select the 'Order a Prescription' button.

Step 3 - What type of prescription do you want to order?

There are two options, a repeat prescription, and a non-repeat prescription. Non-repeat prescriptions are one-off medicines you may have ordered before. Contact your GP surgery to order non-repeat prescription, as this service is unavailable through the NHS App.

Choose 'A repeat prescription' and select 'Continue'.

The next screen shows the medicines available for you to request. Choose the medicines you require and select continue. If needed, there is a free text box to add a note for your GP.

Steps 4 and 5 of ordering a repeat prescriptions via the NHS App

Step 4 - Check your prescription details before you order

Check your order and nominated pharmacy are correct, then select 'Confirm and request your prescription'. If you need to make any changes, select the 'Back' option to return to the previous screen.

Step 5 – Your prescription has been ordered

You request is confirmed and will now be sent to the GP surgery for approval. Once the prescription is approved it will show as issued on your order summary screen and will be sent through to your nominated pharmacy. Your pharmacy will advise when your prescription is ready to collect - contact them directly with any queries.

View your orders

To view your current and previous prescription orders, log-in to your NHS App and select Prescriptions from the navigation options at the bottom of the screen.

NHS App - view your prescription orders

Step 1 - Prescriptions

Select 'View your orders'.

Step 2 - EMIS and Vision, or TPP (GP clinical system names)

Your previous and current repeat prescription orders will be shown in a list format, similar to one of these demo screens. Your nominated pharmacy is displayed at the top of your screen. Contact your GP surgery or your pharmacy with any queries regarding the status of your repeat prescriptions.

Help and support

If your patients have any problems using the app, they can:

  • Go to ‘Help’ in the top right-hand corner of the app and scroll down to ‘Contact the NHS App team’ to complete an online form
  • Visit 

Resources and assets

We’ve created promotional materials to help you inform your patients about ordering repeat prescriptions on the NHS App.

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