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What general practice staff should know

There are a number of resources available to support preparing for the change including a GP readiness checklist available to general practice staff, which includes a list of essential actions to undertake prior to launching prospective record access

What general practice staff should know
  • Patients whose GP practices use the TPP or EMIS system will see new entries in their GP record.
  • We are giving patients with an online account access to their future, or prospective, full GP health record including free text, letters and documents.
  • Be aware and mindful that patients will be able to see new records after the change.
  • Know how to manage this as a change to your workflow. Ensure sensitive information is redacted (make invisible from patient view) as it is entered onto the clinical system, or in rare circumstances know when it may be inappropriate to give a patient access to their record.
  • Patients will see new information once it is entered, or filed, onto their record in the clinical system.
  • This change will not give new access to historic, or past, health record information unless this is individually authorised by their GP practice. 
  • Patients will not have access to view administrative tasks or communications between practice staff.

Further information

internal Why these changes are being made

Patients with online accounts such as through the NHS App will be able to read new entries, including free text, in their health record.

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