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Guidance for detained and secure estates

How to register a national data opt-out  by proxy on behalf of your patients.

Help a patient to register a national data opt-out

Patients in the detained and secure estate who want to register a national data opt-out need a healthcare professional to fill in a proxy form on their behalf. Read the information and guidance on proxy forms about who can complete it and how it should be filled in.

The national data opt-out information is held centrally on the NHS Spine and will not be updated in the SystmOne prison module, so you will not see the national data opt-out in the patient’s record.

How to prevent use of invalid type 2 opt-out codes

The national data opt-out has replaced the previous type 2 opt-out codes. Type 2 opt-out codes must no longer be recorded in SystmOne. Any type 2 opt-outs previously submitted to NHS Digital have been converted to national data opt-outs. 

Type 2 codes have now been inactivated from the Read Code Browser, but can still be added to records if they remain within templates and other data entry methods.

You should make sure these codes are not used in error by checking and removing them from templates you use.

TPP SystmOne guidance on invalid type 2 codes for detained and secure estates

If you have any type 2 opt-out codes recorded that have not been submitted to NHS Digital then please use the Detained and Secure Estate Proxy Form to submit these as national data opt-out requests.

Communication about the opt-out

We sent a letter to Heads of Healthcare and SEFT account holders in November 2018 with more information about the national data opt-out and the transition from type 2 opt-outs.

Patient communication materials were sent to each site during November 2018. You can order more copies of the detained estates poster and handout from the Health Publications website by selecting the ‘Your Data Matters to the NHS’ campaign.

We sent an email to Heads of Healthcare and SEFT account holders at the end of March 2019 as a reminder of actions to take.

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