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Master Person Service (MPS)

The Master Person Service (MPS) is an enhanced patient-matching algorithm that increases the number of linkable records where incomplete records have been submitted.

Enhanced patient-matching

MPS helps us increase the amount of usable, better quality data available to support research and planning. It does this by verifying the demographic information contained in a person’s health and care records and matching it to their unique NHS number to confirm their identity.

Patients can visit multiple places where they register to receive care or treatment. They move, get married (or divorced) and go on holiday. At any given time, we store the health and care records of individuals as recorded in various systems around the country. This can create challenges, but MPS aims to match the right person with the right record with a 99% accuracy rate.

MPS uses a four-stage algorithm to provide a single best result for each record against Patient Demographics Service (PDS). As we develop MPS we will expand coverage to more data sets and continue to make improvements.

Further information

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    Data Access Environment (DAE)

    The Data Access Environment (DAE) is the secure way users can remotely access better linked information and ensures the right person, with the right permissions gets the right data, in accordance with their Data Sharing Agreement (DSA).

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