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NHS Identity Agent

The NHS identity agent is an installable component that resides on every device that acts as a point of access to Spine systems.

NHS Digital Identity Agent v2.3.2.0 is the preferred client as it is compatible and warranted for support across the majority of current operating systems and components. See the Warranted Environment Specification for a comprehensive list.

Prior to installation, trusts should check with their system suppliers to confirm that NHS Digital Identity Agent v2.3.2.0 is compatible with their products and services.

NHS Digital Identity Agent v2.3.2.0

This release of NHS Digital Identity Agent is a bug fix release which resolves the following issues.

Identity Agent pin form default focus issue

When the smartcard is inserted, the Identity Agents pin form is displayed. If this form has input focus, then the user can insert the passcode. If an application takes ownership of the input focused, the passcode is not accepted in that pin form window and can end up being typed elsewhere. This fix endeavours to ensure that the input focus remains on the pin form as expected and no competing application maintains focus.

Fix for Windows Hello for Business service detection issue causing the Identity Agent to fail

This release includes a fix for a Windows Hello for Business service detection issue with Identity Agent on virtual RDS environments like VDI and Citrix which was causing the Identity Agent to fail.

Fixing Identity Agent MSI upgrade code string update (GUID value)

This means that installation of the latest IA v2.3.2.0 (and future releases) can be done directly without uninstalling the previous IA versions.

NHS Digital Identity Agent v2.3.2.0 (NHS Digital IA v2.3.2.0) is now on general release and available for download.

Note: NHS Digital IA v2.3.2.0 requires middleware to be installed separately.

NHS Digital IA v2.x FAQ
Answers to common questions on installation and user experience

NHS Digital IA v2.3.2.0 (msi)
The NHS Digital IA v2.3 installer file

NHS Digital IA v2.3.2.0 supporting documentation (ZIP)
Installation and user guides
Release notes (including ‘known Issues’)
Administrators guide (including ‘troubleshooting’)

Previous versions of Identity Agent

NHS Digital Identity Agent v2.3.0.0 resolved Issues with versions of Identity Agent from v2.2 onwards having a memory leak. All users of Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 were advised to install Identity Agent v2.3.0.0 as soon as possible to resolve this issue.

Identity Agent v. introduced a bug whereby on some operating systems the Smartcard reader was not correctly identified resulting in the PIN form not being presented when the Smartcard is inserted. Users experiencing this issue need to upgrade to Identity Agent v. to resolve this issue

Identity Agent v2.2.1.0 introduced a bug where the user may be logged out four hours after they first lock their machine when working in Normal mode. Users experiencing this issue need to upgrade to Identity Agent v. to resolve this issue.

Identity Agent v2.2.3.7 and higher currently do not allow the first time smartcard association with EMIS. Users can perform the first-time association on a version of Identity Agent lower than v2.2.3.7 and the use the latest version of Identity Agent. This issue is currently under investigation by EMIS.

Due to issues identified with previous versions of Identity Agent, no other versions of Identity Agent are available for downloading or recommended for deployment.

Contact [email protected] should this cause issues.

Other supporting components for Identity Agents

Identity Agent Supporting Components (ZIP)
Only required for those experiencing ‘device installation’ messages during use of Series 4 smart cards

GenericSC (ZIP)
Digitally signed version of the generic card driver

If you experience any problems with the application, you can raise an incident with the National Service Desk by emailing [email protected]

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